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Rule General Info
1 Any person interested in becoming a member of the Raleigh Bass Anglers Club, for the upcoming year, should be at the ramp on the first tournament to pay the membership fees. After our first TX the person must contact us one month in advance of the next TX. If there are less than seven tournaments remaining prospective member must ride with a club member the first tournament at the descrection of club officers.
2 All members are expected to follow high standards of Sportsmanship and Safety.
Any member that violates any of these rules or any Federal, State or Local Laws is subject to DISQUALIFICATION.
To cover any discrepancies, the discretion of the Tournament Committee will be applied.
3 Boats must be tournament ready with live wells capable of handling at least a 5 fish limit.
4 Children under 14 fish free, but must pay entry fee if they want to qualify to win money.
5 NEW for 2018! Tournament "spot" meetings are to be held at the boat ramp after every tournament for 15 minutes.
Additionally, the annnual End-of-Year awards and vote meeting will take place 2 weeks after the Classic date.
The club will attempt to meet periodically during the season on an informal basis to break bread and discuss club business as needed
6 Two members may fish out of the same boat, but all fish must remain separate AT ALL TIMES.
7 Club membership dues $25 per year
Club dues will go to pay for operating expenses and trophies. Any monies remaining at the Classic will be put into the Classic Pool.
8 NEW for 2018! Trophies and/or Plaques to be awarded at the end of the year to the Classic winner, the top two (2) AOY point positions, and the biggest fish and biggest sack of the year awards.
9 No limit on number of Guests per year a member is allowed but those Guests may not fish again as a Guest that same year.
10 100% Payback
11 Tournament entry fee is $40.00 per member paid out as follows:
$10.00 = Classic Fund
$  5.00 = Big Fish
$25.00 = Qualifier Pay positions
One position paid for every six entries.
12 Emergency Back-up lake - Gaston.
13 Snow/Ice Plan - 2 week delay.
  Tournament Rules
14 Creel limit 5 fish per member, size depends on the NCWRC for that lake.
15 Blast Off will be no sooner than 40 minutes before official sunrise.
16 Weigh time will be announced at Blast Off and will be approximately 8 hours after Blast Off.
17 Length of Tournament: No less than 8 hours. No more than 9 hours.
18 Only artificial lures allowed.
19 Only one rod, per angler, may be used at a time.
20 Life Jackets must be worn when boat is on plane.
21 All anglers must remain at least 50 ft. from other anglers while fishing unless the first angler on the spot gives permission to the second angler.
22 All member MUST BE inside the No Wake Zone by the weigh in time or there will be a one-pound penalty for every minute late. (15 minutes late is automatic disqualification). 
23 0.25 pound penalty for dead fish brought to the scales.
24 1 pound penalty for bringing a short / slot fish to the scales in addition to that fish not being weighed.
25 If your Big Fish dies, your Big Fish weight will be penalized 0.25 of a pound.
26 In the event of a tie, the member with the biggest fish WINS!
  Position Pay out Schedule
 01-06 members = 1 position
 07-12 members = 2 positions
 13-18 members = 3 positions
 19-24 members = 4 positions
 25-30 members = 5 positions and so on.
 Only 1 Big Fish Position will be paid.

Points Schedule
 1st  = 110 points
 2nd = 105 points
 3rd  =   100 points
 4th   =   95 points
 5th   =   90 points
 6th   =   85 points
 7th   =   80 points
 8th   =   75 points
 9th   =   70 points
 10th =   65 points and so on to 15 points for 20th position

 Big Fish = 10 points

After the 20th position all members that participated in the tournament will be awarded 10 points.
Your total weight for that tournament will be added to your point standings. At the end of the season each member's worst tournament will be dropped when calculating final standings.
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