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Rule "The Classic" Rules
1 All General and Tournament Rules Apply unless superceded by Classic Rules
2 Classic is a two day tournament. The two day weights will be added together and positions paid accordingly.
3 You must fish six (6) of the ten (10) regular tournaments to qualify to fish the Classic.
4 Members receive 1 to 3 Classic location votes based on number of qualifiers fished where 6-7 tournaments receives 1 vote, 8-9 receives 2 votes, all 10 receives 3 votes.
5 Lake to be drawn from hat at last tournament. Members qualified for Classic, but not present at last tournament may call a club officer with vote(s) for Classic lake. 
6 Classic Blast Off order pre-determined based upon your final YTD point standing.
7 Classic will pay 1 position for every six entries, with a min. of 3 positions and 1 BF.
8 Classic entry fee is $20, all going to big fish (BF) pot.
9 Everyone that fishes the Classic is responsible for the $10 classic fee for each tournament missed beyond the six (6) required. This money will be collected before the completion of the Classic. Example: You fished 8 out of 10 regular season tournaments...you owe the Club $10 x 2 tournaments = $20 + Classic BF fee before you can fish the Classic.
10 The Big Fish will be the biggest of the two days.
11 No Guest is allowed in the Classic.
12 Classic does not carry Point Value.
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